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Welcome to BG Games! This is similar to a real-life casino, which provides casino games. However, all of these have been brought into virtual online casinos. Table games, poker games, baccarat and live games have been invented from physical mechanical machines to virtual gaming machines-casino games.Our knowledgeable Specialists are available to answers all your questions.

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Since the fishing game is a featured casino game of BG Games, it provides players with multiple levels. You can freely choose the basic, advanced or extreme level of the game.

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XiYou Fishing

Westward Journey Fishing is our characteristic fishing game. Before you start fishing, you can choose a level from beginner, master and supreme. The lower the level you choose, the smaller the range of bet amounts. Here, the lowest level is the beginner level, and you can shoot fish with a minimum bet amount of 1 to 10.

Fishing Master

Drop your beat on Fishing Master to feel some real 3D fishing experience that also you can earn some gold on it!

Daishen Fishing

Daisen Fishing is a new fishing game from Gig Gaming. The new Big Gaming Daxian Fishing not only allows you to fish, but also provides a super hot fish switching system, allowing you to put your belongings in a comfortable position. The game combines Chinese fairy tale themes, treasure chests, unicorn fish, etc., which greatly increases rewards.

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