You can access more features by clicking on the tabs in the lower left corner of the screen. If the music doesn't match your preferences, there is a volume control and a payment form. In the odds table, you can view all the symbol values ​​and some more information about the bonus game.


Speaking of bonus games, do you want to hear the story of this particular treasure we are looking for? There are many Treasure Island that can be accepted by everyone. Obviously, why the industry attaches so much importance to CQ9 games. Game design and bonus rounds are both fun and fascinating, and free games give people the chance to leave with great victories. If you put 3 bonus bombs on the reels, they will explode! The map will expand and guide you through 12 amazing free spins. In the freely rotating lagoon, notice the golden star scattering on the reel 5. Each time it falls on your reel, the right cannon shoots and shoots on a character brick above the reel. If you collect 2 stars next to their tiles, the character will throw some Wilds onto the reel. Get more bonus bombs and get 6 free spins. When your free spin runs out or you reach a maximum of 50, the bonus game ends.