This high-quality video slot will delight your eye with cool graphics and great profits. To start the offense, place a bet on one of the spins. Each payline is activated with a coin. The cost of coins during the victory period ranges from $0.01 to $5. come on! You have already heard this call and your battleship has floated. Go play a card game before you encounter enemies in the sea. The winning combination with the card symbol is located at the bottom of the payment chart. When your watchman finds an enemy, the loud Bell will give an alarm.


The winning combination with Bell and Canon can help you prepare for the battle quickly and earn some cash in the winning position! The enemy watchman can easily get the beans! If you see five watchers on a payline, you can shoot him directly and get 5,000 coins! However, your most important goal should be to capture the captain of an enemy ship. The five captains give you a small forehead prize as a ransom.